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The contest is now closed. Check back soon to read the winning entries!

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Here at Sweeney's, we receive dozens of calls every day from frustrated homeowners seeking advice on how to get rid of moles in their yards. Over the years, we've learned a simple fact. A lot of people really hate moles. So back in 2007, we decided to create a forum for people to vent about their mole woes - and thus the "I Hate Moles Because" contest was born.

At the time, we had no idea that thousands of battle-weary mole warriors would share their stories of strategic campaigns designed to get rid of moles and return their lawns to their rightful suburban beauty. Along the way, we've ferreted out some darn good mole woe stories - and some rather creative solutions for getting rid of the aggravating critters.

Why do you hate moles? Whether you've sprained an ankle tripping over a tunnel or watched your otherwise peaceful spouse go off the deep end trying to rid your yard of moles, we want to hear about it! (Note: stories about gophers and voles will be accepted. This is an equal opportunity contest and no underground varmints will go unrecognized.)